We are your advocates for innovation. Through our policy work on Capitol Hill and in state capitals across the country, we protect the innovation economy from laws and regulations which delay, restrict or ban the development of technologies.

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New technology and innovative online platforms are threatened by overreaching mandates and outdated rules in local, state and federal governments.

We work closely with government regulatory groups, including the FCC, FTC, NTSB and others, to represent the entire industry’s interests.


Wired | Aug. 13, 2019
Trump Delays Tariffs on Smartphones and Laptops

The Trump administration says it will delay a planned 10 percent tariff on some consumer electronics.

Fast Company | Aug. 3, 2017
It’s official: You’ll soon be able to buy hearing aids over the counter

CTA helped pass the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act so Americans can purchase affordable hearing aids over the counter.

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CTA Comes to Ridesharing's Defense in Vegas

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April 20, 2020 | Washington, D.C.

CES on the Hill is an invitation-only event open to Members of Congress, Hill staff, press and invited guests. Lawmakers see the latest technology innovations and learn about how tech is fueling growth in the U.S. economy.

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Featured Campaign



The Trump administration’s tariffs are putting Americans in the middle of a trade war with China. That’s because U.S. businesses and consumers — not China — pay for tariffs. 

Our Issues


We believe federal regulations should balance the twin goals of improved accessibility and the flexibility to innovate.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is beginning to transform many sectors of our economy. As AI becomes capable of executing more complex tasks, it will revolutionize even more aspects of our lives.


To help unlock this remarkable potential and establish America as the world leader in blockchain, government leaders must understand the technology and what’s at stake.


Policymakers should promote, not attack, American innovation and ingenuity. This means working with U.S. tech companies to protect consumers and competition, without penalizing companies for simply being successful.


CTA is committed to addressing the demands of our connected world and facilitating discussions with Congress and government agencies, including the Federal Communications Commission, around building out our 5G infrastructure and increasing commercial access to spectrum.


We encourage local and state governments to avoid creating conflicting federal laws that would encumber innovators, confuse the public and limit growth.

Energy Efficiency

Each year, the industry’s progress toward greater energy efficiency saves consumers millions of dollars while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmental Sustainability

We support smart, collaborative approaches to improving electronics recycling and increasing sustainability.

Future of Work

To ensure a competitive workforce, create new jobs and foster economic growth, the government and private sector must collaborate.


But we need updated laws that welcome foreign-born entrepreneurs and immigrants educated in our universities, and provide a permanent solution for dreamers.

Online Speech

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Patent Reform

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Privacy and Security

We encourage a voluntary framework that promotes consumers’ trust in technology companies that handle personal data.

Self-Driving Cars

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Sharing Economy

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As Congress and the White House address China's intellectual property theft and passing the new USMCA, they must consider the economic impact of barriers to trade on American jobs and companies.


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Tell Congress What You Think
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Take action on a variety of issues to encourage Congress to protect and promote innovation.

Get Involved in CTAPAC
Get Involved in CTAPAC

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